Ogun is the keeper of the mystery of iron. He is the Warrior Spirit who clears the path and gives you strenght. He is the lord of war and bathes in blood, the patron of metal workers, car drivers, soldiers, and his offers are often placed near the rails.
All oaths and pacts are sacred to him, and he is the one which will guarantee justice. He is called upon to remove obstacles of all kind. Together with Elegba and Ochosi he is part of the set of Warriors, which is given as a protection to the aspirant santero.
Ogun is represented by a black stone which is put in an iron cauldron with his other metal implements, usually a big knife or machete, keys, railroad spikes etc. The cauldron clearly represents the melting pot where destiny is prepared, therefore Ogun is the owner of Ire (good destiny).
His totem is a black dog. He drinks lots of rum, and appreciates offerings of name, palm oil, roosters.

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