Messenger of the Orishas, the Guardian at the Treshold, Elegba is everywhere, but dwells at the crossroad, opens and close all doors, and show multiple possibilities for our Path. At the same moment he can be the one who lure us away from it, thereby putting us to a test. He can appear as a young child or an old wise man.
Since the Self/Ori is at the center of the Crossroad, Esu will help you or prevent you from centering, according to the quality of your relation with him and your Ori. Divine Trickster, he can bring you bad luck or good luck in often unpredictable ways.
He is the personification of chance and swift activity. His totem is in fact the rat, who lives on the streets and feeds on garbage.
He is the interface between the Orishas and humans: without him no communication is possible to the spirit world.
His colours are red and black, and he is represented by a cement head with cowries for eyes and mouth which is prepared according to a secret recipe by experienced santeros, but is better to receive Eshu by a Babalawo, together with Ogun and Ochosi.
Typical offerings to Eleggua are palm oil, rum, cigar smoke, toasted mais, dried fish, jutia (dried rat powder).

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